Reduce Security Concerns
By Blocking, Spam, Viruses, and Malware


Alvacomm’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is specifically designed to offer comprehensive protection against even the most sophisticated cyber threats so your business’s emails remain protected and secure no matter what’s sent or received.

Our anti-spam software solutions combine a variety of industry-leading anti-phishing capabilities such as heuristic and behavioral detection, anti-fraud intelligence, and domain name verification to identify and stop phishing attempts.

Avacomm can provide businesses with an extra layer of defense against cyber fraud and spear-phishing through the combination of a capable artificial intelligence engine, domain fraud visibility, and account takeover protection.

Through our spam filtration solutions, your email users are protected from malware through real-time threat analysis, URL protection, and attachment sandboxing.

Our extensive anti-phishing techniques include link protection to stymie any malware attacks that rely on URLs carrying damaging code and invisible downloads.

More advanced attackers rely on small errors that even diligent email users could miss. With Alvacomm’s typosquatting detection, you don’t have to worry about these clever cyber attacks making it through.

Alvacomm’s spam filtration services have always had a strong foundation in the identification and blockage of spam. We utilize comprehensive layers of protection to achieve effective results.

Virus attacks are always improving in complexity and sophistication, requiring advanced protection. Through Alvacomm’s email filtration services, businesses are protected with three comprehensive layers of virus scanning.

Not all email-related cyberattacks have to do with spreading a virus or getting sensitive information. Some are simply focused on disrupting a network’s stability. With Alvacomm, you can get protection against these DoS attacks.


Inbound emails aren’t the only emails that pose a cybersecurity problem. Employees can unknowingly release sensitive information through outbound attacks. Alvacomm’s email filtration has the ability to defend against even these attacks.

It’s common for emails to make their way through various servers before reaching their final destination. Our services protect your email through encryption to ensure it reaches the intended mailbox unscathed and protected.

With outbound filtering, your business has an extra level of protection preventing sensitive information or data from making its way outside the confines of your organization while also keeping illegitimate emails at bay.


Alvacomm offers businesses an accessible and protected archive of email communication located on a cloud server to make sure business practices and legal requirements are being met.

You can quickly and easily find any email or attachment you’re looking for with Alvacomm’s powerful search functionality. You can filter by user and other identifiers.


If standard email services aren’t functional, your email operations will automatically spill over into a cloud-based service for continued operation. When email servers go out, there’s an emergency and functional mailbox allowing users to send, receive, and read emails.

Moving data to the cloud doesn’t eliminate the need for proper backup and recovery services. That’s why Alvacomm comes with automatic cloud-to-cloud backup services to keep your data safe.


It’s easier than ever to manage, control, and monitor your settings through a cloud-based system. This allows you to access the admin panel from anywhere providing you with a network-wide view of your services.

Alvacomm’s advanced spam monitoring software is specifically designed to identify sophisticated threats from domains, spammers, and other common cyber threats. We have a centralized data collecting organization that gathers and reviews recent threats to always stay ahead of the game. Furthermore, over 170,000 resources provide Alvacomm with intelligence for improved security and protection.

Alvacomm makes it easier than ever to migrate legacy emails to cloud-based systems. This way, you can start enjoying the full advantages of fully accessible emails.

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