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Outsourcing I.T has been making a steady integration into organizations whilst working in parallel with the adoption of cloud technologies. Therefore, the shift to outsourcing is becoming a strategy to streamline core services designed to meet demands. This is largely due to the core dynamics of organizations day to day operations have changed no matter the industry.

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We understand the importance of on-demand technology and the need to have multiple teams connected in and outside of the office.

We work with our clients to simplify service delivery and meet the expectation of high-level support with transparent service level agreements. Thereby providing unique scalable solutions designed to grow with you. We understand the importance of being compliant and the challenges organizations face to meet strict industry standards in privacy, data protection and cybersecurity.

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We are yet to discover the challenges you’re facing; we need to understand your short- and long-term goals to help provide a solution. The importance of understanding your goals is a step that can be overlooked. This step is a crucial aspect of our relationship with you it’s a process in itself.

Alvacomm is your solutions partner to deliver success promoting clear returns on investments. We provide risk analysis paving a clear direction on why such a step is required. Thereby removing scepticism and confusion across all hierarchies of management. This therefore allows us to work collectively to produce an outcome that has been unanimously agreed upo

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We understand the importance of I.T support although a global declaration hasn’t officially been made it’s a known fact the 9-5 working day is being phased out in favour of flexible working hours.

This global transition to flexible working hours means organizations staff/teams around the world need support beyond the 9-5 global standard. COVID-19 has shown a weakness in organizations move to remote teams and cloud systems where staff support had been an afterthought especially when staff had to adjust to lock-downs, school closures etc.

Alvacomm fills this void and solves the weakness within organizations that have been faced with limitations in overall support. We provide world class it-support, whenever your staff or teams need it and regardless of their business hours. We are proud to set a global precedence in service delivery at a global level. 

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Our outsourcing solutions utilizes ITSM processes to ensure transparency and compliance is upheld to the highest standard. We welcome accountability, accuracy and the ability to provide detailed reports demonstrating service delivery in your key areas, thereby ensuring business continuity is maintained.

Our goal is simple, to provide you and your teams with the best possible experience and understand senior management and boards require strong reporting in our services with demonstrative value in our solutions and services.  

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CYBER SECURITY is an industry label to describe threats and preventions. Unfortunately, statistically organisations are not getting the message. Therefore, they are reluctantly failing to adopt Industry advice and best practices in threat prevention, thinking a catastrophic attack with the ability to shut down your entire organization is just too farfetched to happen to you.

This mindset is often caused by the confusion of what is Cyber Security? and why you should take it seriously? a question more often than not, senior management ask but very rarely understand fully the answer. This is primarily due to, its not a tangible asset that you can purchase to make it all go away it’s an organization structure with layers and this structure is determined by the size of your organization and industry security principles are moulded entirely around your organization.

Alvacomm outsourcing solutions protects your organization from a catastrophic attack with the full ownership on us. It’s our legal obligation to you to adhere to industry security principles and is well documented in our agreements with you.    

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