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The pandemic has catalysed the challenges for financial and insurance firms as they adapt to an operating model in which working from home has become the new norm.

With so many companies accelerating their digital transformation to meet the demands of the modern-day market, cybersecurity is now a major concern.

At Alvacomm, we have the acute awareness that if cybersecurity risks are overlooked – the resulting compliance implications will be highly detrimental to your reputation as a trusted organization.
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I.T Services | Finance & Insurance Firms | Alvacomm
As thoughts transcend to a post-pandemic world, digitized financial and insurance sectors will be paramount for the today’s new reality.Indeed, the shift towards a virtual presence and virtual interactions is a mega digital transformational trend that will impact industries of all sizes forever.

The signs are clear – shopping, socializing, and shaking hands – the world will never be the same. That means the success and survival of the finance and insurance sectors will very much depend upon the robust digitization. Gone are the days of the online and offline worlds being separate. Today’s market is marked by virtuality – where working from home is not only an option, but has been aggressively adopted for entry to new age

At Alvacomm, we recognize this. In fact, with 30 years of experience in finance and insurance – we’ve predicted a mass exodus towards outsourcing, and we’ve streamlined the entire process, making it easier than ever to go remote. Our outsourcing services have been masterfully developed with progress in mind, to provide a neat solution to the financial and insurance sectors, with a sole focus on digitizing your services and fostering an environment that is future proof at the core. But as a leader within a bank, insurance firm, hedge fund or private equity house, you will naturally have concerns about cyber resilience and protecting the sensitive data your organization handles. With that in mind, how do you mitigate information security risks and data compliance against the need to modernize IT systems and drive business initiatives?


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