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We like to say that structured cabling is the heart of your IT network, with each individual cable acting as a vein transporting the necessary data. This circulatory system is comprised of a complete matrix of cables and their associated hardware that provides a truly comprehensive infrastructure for telecommunications.

This integral infrastructure permits a vast application of uses, for example, in transmitting data through a computer network, or providing a telephone service. A cabling infrastructure that is adequately designed and installed, provides predictable performance across a range of indispensable operational pillars, and maintains the flexibility to adapt to and accommodate any additions or changes. Being future-proof is the bottom line

Structured Cabling Services | Alvacomm


Perhaps the most noteworthy benefit of structured cabling is the capability for high bandwidth, meaning that it is a robust infrastructure to support even the steepest trajectory in business growth. In the modern dynamics of the business world, your competitive edge comes from having adaptable and scalable IT that can respond rapidly to major operational or industry changes. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown businesses all over the world that change is inevitable, and resistance is futile.

The fact is that in order for businesses to expand their reach and offerings, they need a data centre capable of quickly deploying a range of new services. With structured cabling, you are investing in a promise that your network infrastructure will remain future-proof and will support any novel applications as times change and your business grows.

Benefits of Structured Cabling | Alvacomm


Once upon a time, businesses were new to IT and the ever-increasing applications of the internet. They only needed a limited number of cables on which to run their critical missions, since only a limited number of operations were necessary for business growth.

But that all changed when the internet came along. Business had to evolve at the same pace as the internet in order to stay relevant, and this often meant doing so on an ad-hoc basis. That is, adding more and more cables whenever necessary, with little in the way of organisation. The result? Cable spaghetti. It looks how it operates: like a big mess. Cable spaghetti is an operational hazard, a waste of money and a logistical challenge for IT related issues. With structured cabling, you can keep your business organised – which is a physical reflection of your streamlined services.

Structured Cabling Services | Alvacomm


Simplicity: complex operations don’t require complex solutions. Make your IT simple and straightforward with an organised and structured cabling system. In the traditional office space, there are multiple devices being used at the same time – so just using one single system eliminates the requirement for multiple complex infrastructures. Plus, if any issues occur, it can be more easily identified if it can be traced to just one source.

Cost-effective This one is straightforward; the scalable and flexible network of structured cabling will not only serve to provide a continuous flow of information but will also be able to cope with the high demands placed on it. This makes it a cost-effective solution for the smooth operating of your business.

Decreased Risk of Downtime When you have a multitude of disorganised cabling structures, you run the constant risk of human error and mistakes being made. This can contribute to the disruption of your productivity, workflow and even workplace morale. This risk can be greatly eliminated with a structured and well organised cabling system, which also allows for much easier troubleshooting.

Structured cabling systems are generally divided into six core subsystems:


This is the connection point at which your internet or telephone system is connected to the network
Generally used in more extensive networks, these are the rooms in which the environmental controls for housing the vital wiring equipment can be found, along with any necessary consolidation points
As the name suggests, this subtype of cabling is the hardware that allows for speedier communications from entrance points to equipment rooms
This element of structured cabling ensures connectivity between backbone cabling and horizontal cabling.
This refers to the end-user hardware and cabling that allows for access to the network.


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