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The face of business has evolved tenfold over the years, and as the years keep coming – the pace of change continues to accelerate. It’s hard to believe that just decades ago, businesses had no option but to connect their office or building to a larger trunk line feeding a central switchboard.

Gone are the old days. Today’s business landscape is built on a virtuality that insists on superior solutions for telecommunication applications. At Alvacomm, we have over 30 years of telecommunications industry experience, making it easier than ever for businesses to have their phone systems aligned with their strategic roadmaps. We are perfectly positioned to provide your business with streamlined processes and sophisticated phone system solutions.

Whether you need a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) handset to save costs on calling, need a cloud-based VoIP, or require an on-premises system for a large call centre – you’ll receive the solution your business needs. We pride ourselves on finding you the most cost-effective system, with the flexibility to adapt for the future.

Why choose Alvacomm | Telecommunications Systems

Why choose Alvacomm

When it comes to business decisions, every single one is critical – and yet every decision depletes time and intellectual energy from those burdened with making it. Attempting to discern which telecommunication systems are most suitable for business is a taxing process, but the potential value is alluring: the best matched system encourages employee productivity, frees employees from their desks, and allows near-infinite scalability as business grows.

At Alvacomm, we make the decision-making process much simpler, by presenting you with superior and unrivalled services that you simply cannot refuse. There’s no second guessing and no second best.

Strategic Partnerships | Telecommunications | Alvacomm

Strategic Partnerships

We host a fully managed suite of business services that allows us to talior a customised plan for your business. With our long-standing premium partnerships with leading international telecoms providers like CISCO and NEC, we’re able to create bespoke solutions for you regardless of your business needs. Our dedicated technical support and account management teams are available to provide expert advice and support 365 days a year – so your business can operate smoothly with no disruption.

Your Solutions Specialists

We provide superior standard, seamless solutions across several core telecommunications mediums:
You can eliminate the inconvenience of installation and operation as well as reducing maintenance costs with a hosted service by Alvacomm. This service system solution enables your business to leverage your existing full feature set, with the added bonus of flexibility and scalability.
Alvacomm will handle call routing and switching, as well as all of the regular maintenance involved in the hosted telephone system service. This means you can relax in the knowledge that your hosted telephone system is being monitored and maintained by our world-class technical and support teams.
With over 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, Alvacomm are strategically positioned to provide your business with an on-site telephone system service.
When you keep your hardware on site, you retain the control of every element of your telephone system. With Alvacomm, our on-site telephone system solutions include a comprehensive feature list, which includes DDI, voicemail, conference calling, call control, messaging and more.
We work closely with you to the deliver a telephone system that meets your needs today and tomorrow.
When you choose a cloud phone system with Alvacomm, you receive a fully-integrated communications solution that will unify your existing systems, link multiple sites and facilitate remote working if you want a flexible work approach.

Cloud phone systems route calls through your data connection rather than relying on traditional infrastructure. This means that it is possible to reduce the cost of calls.

Alvacomm will manage all call routing and switching, ensuring there is minimal disruption to your business.
A VoIP phone system will allow your staff to work productively from any location, without no additional costs. This makes it ideal for WFH models or for salespeople. This system combines all the features of your phone system onto a virtual platform, hosted and maintained by us.
And what’s more?
For small and medium sized businesses, a hosted telephone system with Alvacomm will provide your business brand with a more polished and premium image. This is due to the customer impression that you are a much larger organisation with a gold-standard, integrated telecommunications system.
Today, business phone systems no longer serve just as a tool for making and receiving calls. The best unified communications systems allow employees to communicate by phone, video, and text, giving businesses the flexibility to connect with customers and clients in an omnichannel approach.
Alvacomm provide a wide range of business phone systems. Whatever your business needs, one of our bespoke solutions will work for you all with dedicated account management, 24/7 support and the promise of being future-proof.

Benefits of CISCO

With over three decades of industry expertise, Cisco has offered unrivalled industry-leading communications solutions to businesses all over the world. Their investment in research and technology means businesses receive the gold standard for telecommunications
CISCO has a long record of innovation under their belt. If you’re considering an IP system, CISCO was the original innovator of the system – with its pioneering technology taking hold in 1997
When it comes to business phone systems, cutting-edge technology is not just a modern novelty, it’s a strategic imperative and necessity. If you need to push a quick call from the office to a mobile phone during a sales call, no problem. Want to quickly conference a twenty-person sales team without overwhelming internal lines? Easy. It’s these qualities that make CISCO a modern marvel for office transitioning to flexible work environments.
CISCO has advanced capabilities in combining all the core components of a busy enterprise. This includes not only integrating a PBX system with a new VoIP system, but also building and managing unified telecommunications networks.

Overall, CISCO offers businesses a vast range of phone systems that suit operations across multiple stages of growth, with a diverse range of communication requirements. For companies ready to use VoIP, CISCO solves the immediate challenge of business while remaining flexible for the future.

Benefits of NEC

NEC systems are used more specifically for small and medium sized businesses, with unified communications and mobility. With the increased demand for remote working or working from home, customers now expect prompt responses across a range of communication channels. That’s why NEC provides a unified solution, to manage communication from one hub – improving productivity and reducing downtime for a seamless customer experience.

The workplace of today and tomorrow With NEC, small and medium sized businesses can benefit from a complete set technology and expertise that allows for a hybrid workplace for all types of workers, across all types of work – whether its general work, or work involving specialized knowledge and skills. This means businesses can maximize employee productivity and organizational resilience by enabling secure, seamless and safe working across physical locations, remote offices and even workspaces in between.


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